Corona virus scientifically known as COVID-19 is a global pandemic which is currently affecting the human life badly. The world is under the hideout because of this. Everything is under a temporary lock-down until the vaccine is prepared. People are scared to death because of this. It’s a deadly virus which ruling the Earth and has taken more than five million lives around the globe. People are bound to social distancing to avoid the harmful effects. Therefore, the use of social networking apps is increased for staying in touch of the loved ones and the world.

Apps like Instagram are greatly serving the purpose of global information about this pandemic. In this current situation, one can use his Instagram account in a very fertile way to help the humanity. Instagram is a huge platform to spread the knowledge about this deadly virus. One can use his account to explain the nature and composition of the virus. Through our accounts, we can tell the people about the growth and the reason of spread of this virus. By using different animated themes and backgrounds we can convey this virus which will fascinate the public. We can explain the different stages of the virus through our accounts by sharing the posts related to the symptoms and the necessary steps related to the prevention of this pandemic.

A person can also depict this information in the form of graphics through his account. You can make the videos showing the use of gloves, face masks and hand sanitizers which proves useful regarding the protection against this virus. You can also post about the things which keeps us healthy and improves our immune system to fight against the virus.

As scientists says that the human touch is the carrier of this virus, you can make funny videos spreading the message of social distancing and can share them on your accounts. Along with this information, you can also post the international news related to this pandemic on your account. The latest scientific research related to the virus can also be posted by the person. A person can also share motivational quotes to uplift the spirits of the sufferers and the doctors. We can also post the behavior of the virus in different countries of the world.

 As the world is closed due to this deadly virus, there are many places in the world where people are unable to meet the basic necessities of the life. Through your account you can either start a new fund raising complain or can share the details of different organizations which are currently working to help the poor and the needy people around the globe. This step will help the people at large scale. People will attract to your account and it will result in increase in followers. But the worth thing is a good deed whose source is your account.

As the public is afraid and disturbed because of this pandemic, you can divert their attention towards different entertainment sources by sharing them through your Instagram account. If you are a game lover, you can recommend them different games which will help them to think more positive. Post related to different novels and comic books will also help them. If you are related to different brands you can post all of the above information with the addition of your organization’s logo which in return will serve the purpose of advertisement at large scale.

A person can also go live on Instagram and can untangle his daily routine or can talk to the public. He can share his thoughts related to the pandemic and can link with his family and colleagues. Hence, there are various productive manners in with a person can use his Instagram account under the current situation.

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